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Excellence is Important for Your Oral Health

At The Dental Implant Centre, we believe in providing the best possible care for our patients and exceeding their expectations during every visit. Your oral health is pivotal in maintaining your overall physical and mental well-being. Studies have shown the link between poor oral health and diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Making your oral health a priority positively impacts your quality of life and finding the right dentist to help you is just as important. Dr. Scott Green and the team at The Dental Implant Centre have served patients all over the Omaha, NE area for decades. Whether you’re visiting our dental office for your regular dental visits or need more in-depth treatment, we are here for you! Let us become your partner in achieving the healthy smile you’ve always wanted. The search for the right dentist near year has come to an end now that you have found The Dental Implant Centre.

Making your oral health a priority positively impacts your quality of life and finding the right dentist to help you is just as important

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Finding Your Dental Professional is Key

Dr. Scott Green is a proud graduate of the Creighton University School of Dentistry, receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2000. Dr. Green is a father of three and enjoys supporting his family during sporting events, as well has spending quality time with his children during motocross trips. He is honored to have served in the armed forces in the 101st Airborne division and is a graduate of the Nebraska National Guard offer candidate school. After graduation. Dr. Green served in the Calvary 1/167 Calvary Division. His dedication to his family and community is the driving force in providing his patients with personalized care that strives to address their unique needs. Over his 22 years of practice, Dr. Green has honed his expertise and skills in the dental field through continuous education in the latest procedures and technologies. A dentist versed in the latest procedures and technology is important in ensuring you receive the quality of treatment you deserve. Treatments are always advancing, leading to less invasive and cost-effective ways to treat dental issues. As your dentist, Dr. Green can help you navigate the best treatments to fit your unique needs to achieve your optimal oral health.
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Feel At Home in Our Office

Visiting your dentist and dental office should not bring you any undue anxiety or stress. At The Dental Implant Centre, we want our patients to feel comfortable and at-home when they enter the dental office. The dental office is equipped with TVs, blankets, pillows, and other comforts you may need to make your appointment more relaxing. We encourage our patients to communicate to their dentist and dental team how to best accommodate and ease any anxieties. Our welcoming environment is accompanied with cutting-edge technology and an in-house lab to better provide top quality care to our patients.

When it comes to your oral health, the technology supporting your dentist can make a world of difference in the efficiency and efficacy of your treatments. Our in-house lab allows us to provide treatments at a lower cost without the hassle of the added costs associated with out-sourced labs. Your dentist can work directly with laboratory technicians to created guides for surgeries and fabricate custom restorations customized to you. At The Dental Implant Centre, we think beyond dental services to ensure our patients have everything they need to receive the treatment they require. Our finance team is here to show you how to best utilize your insurance benefits and connect you with in-house or third-party financing to help make treatments affordable.

The commitment to excellence at The Dental Implant Centre is a part of every aspect of our practice, from the customer experience and treatment services to our welcoming atmosphere. Trust us to be the dental provider you need and bring your oral health to the next level! Simply contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.

You deserve the best in dental care!

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