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Choosing the right dental team to support your oral health is pivotal in ensuring your success in achieving your dental goals. At The Dental Implant Centre, we offer services beyond general dentistry, serving patients all over the Omaha, NE area looking for a comprehensive dental office. As the go-to oral surgical office in the area, we offer our patients a variety of services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry all within the same office. Dr. Scott Green is the dental surgeon you’ve been searching for! Over his 22 years of practice, he has demonstrated to his patients his capability of treating your unique needs and customizing treatments to fit you. Choosing an oral surgical office able to provide you a wide-ranging choice of services within one office allows you the ability to attan more value for your hard-earned dollars. Let us show you how we compare to your previous dental professional experiences!

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Experience and Attention in Dental Care

Patients may be hesitant to visit a dental practice offering services beyond general dentistry because of perceived costs. However, the benefits of having an dentist available on site is often the most cost-effective solution for patients with more complex needs. As an oral surgical office, The Dental Implant Centre offers various services within the scope of an dentist, where cosmetic and restorative treatments are accomplished effectively and efficiently. As a patient of a comprehensive office like The Dental Implant Centre, you can enjoy the convenience of visiting us for your general dentistry needs and if needed, be treated for more complex dental issues all in-house. Rather than having to be referred to other dental offices to address specific dental issues, our patients can address these issues with their trusted dental team. Providing more complex services in-house is more cost effective for our patients who would like to maximize their insurance benefits and take advantage of our in-house and third-party financing. Our finance department is available to answer any questions you have about insurance and financing.

Our Office will Exceed Your Expectations

The Dental Implant Centre features cutting edge technology and an in-house lab. An in-house lab available to your dentist provides great flexibility the customizing treatment, minimizing lab costs, and timing treatments within a shorter timeframe. Patients do not have to factor in addition shipping and processing costs that normally accompany outside dental laboratories. Instead, they can save those costs and look forward to receiving their customized restorations directly from our lab. As your dentist, Dr. Green utilizes the in-house lab to create customized guides for complex treatments such as dental implant surgery. This attention to detail ensures your surgery is accomplished with the efficiency and effectiveness you’ve come to expect from The Dental Implant Centre.

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Expect Excellence for your Oral Health

If you have been comparing the benefits of choosing between a dental practice offering general dentistry only and The Dental Implant Centre offering services beyond the expected, we encourage you schedule an appointment with us and see the difference. With a variety of services all within one office and an in-house lab, the benefits of choosing us as your dental team are abundant. Dr. Green is the dentist near you that you can trust with all your cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. Simply contact our office today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can change your smile for the better.

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