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Experience a Better Quality of Life With Modern Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments afford the chance to attain the smile of your dreams, no matter your age. They also correct malpositioning of the teeth, returning functionality by properly aligning the upper and lower jaws. From creating a straight, attractive smile to optimizing biting and chewing functions, modern orthodontic solutions from our practice drastically improve quality of life, giving you an even greater reason to enjoy your smile. You and your family can receive the comprehensive orthodontic care you need, right from the comfort of our premier dental office.

From the dramatic improvements to your self-esteem, to the lasting improvements to your oral and overall health, our braces solutions are designed to offer transformative and long-term results.

Orthodontic Options for Happier, Healthier Smiles


A nearly invisible option for orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® straightens teeth through a series of comfortable, clear plastic aligner trays. Eliminate gaps between teeth, crowding, overbites, open bites, under bites and cross bites with this modern solution. Invisalign® is ideal for business professionals, teachers and even teenagers who want to straighten their smile discreetly.

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By the time your braces are removed at The Dental Implant Centre you can expect a straight smile without crooked or crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, or a misaligned bite—along with results that truly last!

Invest in the Future of Your Smile

For many patients, orthodontic care is the first investment they make into achieving their dream smile. Straightening your smile is the easiest way for many patients to fix their smile flaws and can immediately bring them the confidence they have been without.
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Expert Care From Our Team of Professionals

Modern orthodontic treatment solutions make investing in your future health easier than ever. Dr. Scott Green has been practicing the art of orthodontic treatment for years and is proud to stay on the cutting edge of new treatment methods to ensure patients receive the best and most effective care possible. Orthodontic care improves more than just the aesthetics of a patients smile, a straight smile makes cleaning your teeth easier and keeps debris, food and plaque from being allowed to build up and

It’s time to correct those crooked teeth.

Find out how easy braces can be!

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