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Over 178 million Americans suffer from missing at least one tooth. Missing teeth affect individuals physically and mentally. Simple actions like speaking and chewing are made more difficult from pain, shifting of remaining teeth, and subsequent bone loss that slowly changes facial structure. Fear of judgement about the appearance of your smile leads many to avoid social situations and lowers self-esteem. Past solutions for missing teeth included fixed dental bridges and the most common option, dentures. However, many often complained of the struggles resulting from dentures such as the lack of comfort and constant slipping during speaking and chewing. The latest technology offers a solution that mimics the look and feel of natural teeth, providing the stability and permanence patients are searching for.

Dental implants are placed directly into the underlying bone and create a stable, permanent tooth replacement that looks just like your teeth. Made of titanium, this biocompatible material fuses with underlying bone over the course of several months. Implants provide support to the surrounding bone and help prevent future bone loss. This technology is widely used by dental professionals thanks to the flexibility it offers in treating edentulous patients with various types of needs. Everything from a single tooth to a whole mouth of teeth can be replaced thanks to dental implants. Implants for dentures are widely used by dental professionals as another option for smile restoration. Dr. Scott Green provides a wide range of dental implants ranging from single implants to fixed, permanent dentures in Omaha, NE that will restore your smile, health, and quality of life!

Dental implants make it possible to live a healthy, confident life with solutions ranging from removable dentures and implant supported dentures in Omaha, NE to permanently fixed full mouth dental implants.

Changing How You Think About Tooth Replacement Options

The most well-known choices for tooth replacements are fixed and removable options. Dentures are the most common and recognized form of tooth replacement since they are minimally invasive and often at a lower priced point than other options. Patients with dentures often complain of issues like shifting of their dentures while eating and speaking. Dentures require a temporary adhesive to be used daily to help the dentures stay in place. Adhesive can lose grip, causing the dentures to come loose during wear. A larger issue is a denture’s inability to stimulate underlying bone, leading to bone loss over time and resulting changes in facial bone structure. Unfortunately, this bone loss leads to the “sunken in” look characteristic of removable denture patients. Instead, many patients are option for implant fixed dentures to eliminate many of these issues. Patients can choose removable implant supported dentures in Omaha, NE stabilized by two or more dental implants can restore 60% of dental function. Another option is implant supported dentures designed as a fixed prosthesis that is only removable by a dental professional. This option provides patients a permanent solution to missing teeth. Implant supported dentures are a favorite of patients looking for a less-invasive, cost effective method of replacing teeth.

Full mouth dental implants in Omaha, NE consist of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth permanently supported by four to eight dental implants depending on your customized treatment plan. Full mouth dental implants stimulate the surrounding bone and prevent future bone loss, a factor greatly lacking in dentures. Full mouth dental implants can last 30 years or more with proper care. They mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, and allow you to fully restore the aesthetics and utility of your smile. Implant supported dentures can truly change your smile for the better! You can expect over 98% of function to return thanks to your smile restoration, making chewing, speaking, and smiling easier thanks to the natural look and feel of your implants.

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Arch Fixed Teeth

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Choose a Dental Professional with Experience

Dental implant surgery requires a dental professional with in-depth experience and advanced training in oral structures and restorations. Choosing the right dental professional to help you through your dental implant journey is pivotal in ensuring the success of your treatment. Our implant dentist Dr. Scott Green received advanced training, participates in continuing education specific to dental implant techniques and has vast expertise placing dental implants in Omaha, NE. The Dental Implant Centre features state-of-the-art technologies, including dental implant surgery guided by precision digital software, and an in-house lab available for creating surgery guides and restorations. With personalized treatments at The Dental Implant Centre, we customize all of our patients’ tooth replacement treatment plans to reach their smile goals, oral health needs and budget. With over 22 years of experience in treating edentulous patients, we have created a straightforward and efficient treatment process. The first step is a personalized consultation and evaluation by Dr. Scott Green in Omaha, NE. Full mouth dental implants are an ideal treatment option for most patients looking to replace missing teeth. It is important to note some patients may require preliminary treatments to address bone loss or gum disease before implant surgery. At The Dental Implant Centre, we use your consultation to ensure a clear understanding of your treatment process, cost of care, and information needed to ensure the success of your surgery.

The Dental Implant Centre offers several anesthesia options for your ultimate comfort during your surgery. Dr. Scott Green may be able to extract remaining teeth and perform bone grafting during this same appointment. Your dental surgeon will make small incisions in your gums, then the required number of implants are placed underneath your gums in preplanned sites in your jawbone. At The Dental Implant Centre, we use a top-rated guidance system that ensures each implant is placed at the exact angle, depth and location in your jaw with the densest bone for optimal long-term function. The day of your surgery, you will receive a temporary restoration that will look and feel like natural teeth. This will allow you to begin enjoying the function and look of your restored smile while you heal from your surgery. Over the next three to six months, your implants will fuse with the surrounding bone. Once healing is complete, you will make your final visit to have your temporary restoration replaced with your permanent, customized prosthetic.

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Our financial coordinator can assist you in applying for dental financing and help you secure a personalized payment plan that fits your budget.

You Deserve Your Dream Smile

At first, patients may hesitate to choose dental implants because of the higher upfront cost. However, the benefits that accompany dental implants over your lifetime outweigh the initial investment. Benefits that include similar look and function as natural teeth, as well as supporting surrounding facial structures and preventing bone loss. The resulting improvement to your oral and physical health is the deciding factor for many patients in choosing dental implants.

At The Dental Implant Centre, the cost of dental implants is based on necessary preliminary treatments and your customized treatment plan. Fixed full mouth dental implants cost more than removable implant supported dentures. Denture implants can provide a cost-effective approach to smile restoration. Most insurance companies do not provide benefits for dental implant but may cover the restorative crown portion. At The Dental Implant Centre, we want everyone to enjoy the life-changing benefits of dental implants, so we offer top-rated third-party financing to make them more affordable. If you’ve been looking for implants or permanent dentures near you, look no further!

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